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HHC Oil 20%

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Our 20% HHC oil and its powerful effects

So many milligrams of HHC in such a small bottle? Yes, we offer on HHC.fr oil dosed at 2000 mg of hexahydrocannabinol, enough to make everyone agree!

Thanks to its pipette cap, this bottle of HHC oil will become your best friend, easy to carry you will not leave it anymore. Enjoy your relaxation!

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An oil enriched with powerful HHC rates

Its small 10 ml format hides big surprises, easy to use this oil enriched with 20% HHC is intended for the most seasoned among you. Start with a drop and wait for the first results before taking another one.

So there is no need to empty the bottle before feeling a real change at the muscular and cerebral level, the first effects arrive, the high side begins to invade you and the benefits of HHC circulate in you.

Characteristics of 20% HHC oil

  • Relaxation and High side

  • Product made in Europe

  • Contains hexahydrocannabinol

  • Offered in a 10 ml dropper bottle

  • Enriched with 20% HHC

  • Also available in 5%, 10% and 20% HHC oil

  • 200 drops of oil and more

The benefits of this 20% HHC oil

Usually, this oil is intended for connoisseurs and consumers of cannabis, its concentration is such that we warn you if you are a novice. A single drop is enough to fully enjoy the HHC molecule, so you can keep your oil much longer than the 5% and 10% concentrations. The 20% oil indeed allows you to feel the effects more intensely than any other oil on the market.


How to use the 20% HHC oil

The dropper tip will allow you to perfectly dose your HHC oil, you just have to place a drop under your tongue and wait for a minute, with your mouth closed. We call this method, sublingual intake, it remains to this day the most effective administration method.


If you don't like the taste of our oils, you can simply place a drop on food and eat it. You can also mix the oil with a drink to mask its taste. 


Don't forget to keep your HHC 20% oil out of reach of children and animals, in a temperate place out of the sun.


Data sheet

Taux de HHC
20% de HHC
Taux de THC
Inférieur à 0,2%
Mg de HHC
2000mg de HHC
Base d'huile
MCT (Triglycérides à Chaîne Moyenne) de Coco
Type de Cannabidiol
Distillat à spectre complet