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HHC Oil 5%

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Are you new to HHC? Start with the ideal product, our 5% HHC Oil


Do you want to try HHC cannabis gently, but you don't know which product to choose? No worries, we offer our HHC oil dosed at 500mg of hexahydrocannabinol perfect for beginners and easy to store. HHC oil is recommended when you do not consume HHC flower or HHC Vape. So take a few drops and relax!

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We use the best distillate of Hexahydrocannabinol to prepare our HHC oils

Our HHC Oils are prepared in our laboratories and comply with all standards imposed by the European Union. Without THC, HHC oils are therefore 100% legal, so you can consume them with complete peace of mind!

Enriched with a high-quality HHC distillate, we offer our HHC oils in a bottle format, pipette of 10ml with different concentrations of active ingredients, 500 mg, 1000 mg, and 2000 mg of hexahydrocannabinol.


Features of the HHC oil with 500 mg of HHC.fr

  • MTC Base

  • Hexahydrocannabinol Distillate

  • 10 ml pipette bottle with approximately 200 drops

  • With 500 mg HHC

  • Relaxing

  • Made in Europe

  • Available in different HHC concentrations: 5%,10% and 20%

Why consume HHC oil from us?

This version has a low concentration of HHC, making it perfect for cannabis novices. Its small size allows you to carry the 5% HHC oil everywhere, and thanks to its pipette doser, you know exactly how many drops you have taken during the day.

Taking HHC sublingually allows the active molecules to mix with your mucous membrane, so you can feel the effects just 15 minutes after taking it. This product is ideal if you do not smoke HHC as it ranks second in terms of quick effects.

However, there are many ways to consume HHC oil, we explain all of this in the usage tips.


Tips for using HHC oil from HHC.fr

Your bottle of 5% HHC oil in 10 ml is equipped with a pipette dispenser that allows you to be more precise in your intake of HHC, if you have a problem knowing how many drops you have put under your tongue, we advise you to use a teaspoon or to do this operation in front of a mirror.

Taking it sublingually is the most effective, but you can also put a few drops of 5% HHC oil in a drink or food preparation, the effects will be felt after digestion, count 30 to 40 minutes.

Keep this product out of reach of children and store it in a temperate place.


Data sheet

Taux de HHC
10% de HHC
Taux de THC
Inférieur à 0,2%
Mg de HHC
500mg de HHC
Base d'huile
MCT (Triglycérides à Chaîne Moyenne) de Coco
Type de Cannabidiol
Distillat à spectre complet