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Reminders about the HHC:

HHC is the abbreviation for the word "hexahydrocannabinol".. It is made from THC extracts mixed with hydrogen, using a catalyst such as nickel or palladium and high pressure. This process, called hydrogenation, aims to add hydrogen atoms to the chemical structure to make it stable. HCC has several effects that allow for relaxation or to treat certain ailments, for example.

Why consume HHC in E-liquid ?

HHC is consumed in e-liquid for several reasons. Indeed, The HHC Vape Pen is suitable for beginners. And for the more accustomed, it also allows to reduce tobacco or THC consumption. Finding the product that suits your needs is not always easy, that's why there are many models of HHC Pens on the market.

To start, we recommend initially choosing a HHC battery and cartridge, which remain reasonably priced, unlike expensive cannabis vaporizers such as the Planty or the PAX which are mainly reserved for regular users. Moreover, these are very easy-to-use products, which is ideal, especially for people who are often on the move.

Is vaping HHC legal in France ?

Today, No jurisdiction has been taken and no law has banned the consumption of HHC in France.. As is the case with CBD, it is completely legal to vape HHC in France and Europe currently.

For vapers who want to enjoy the benefits of cannabis, without suffering the harmful side effects of smoking, this is a very good solution.

What is a HHC Vape Pen ?

The HHC Vape Pen is ideal for Vape beginners ! If you have never consumed HHC or want to reduce your tobacco and/or THC cannabis consumption, it's a real significant ally. Indeed, there are many models of HHC Pens on the market. Finding the right product is not always easy.

To avoid investing in expensive cannabis vaporizers like Planty or PAX without knowing if they will really suit you, you can opt for a HHC battery and cartridge at very reasonable prices.This Pen HHC model does not require complicated handling, it is even very simple to use and can be used right out of the box. The slim and elongated size makes the Pen HHC elegant, practical, and easy to carry, it easily fits in your hand, your pocket, or your purse.

HHC Pens are often equipped with weaker batteries to prevent overheating and destroying the molecule, thus e-cigarettes are not suitable for vaporizing HHC as their wattage is too powerful. The Pens (battery and cartridge) offered by are therefore the most suitable for proper consumption of HHC through inhalation.


Benefits of using our HHC Pens

The Pen HHC is very convenient. It is suitable for both those who want to reduce their cigarette consumption and therefore nicotine or cannabis, as well as those who are simply looking for the High side of HHC that is absent in CBD.

The molecule of hexahydrocannabinol present in minimal quantities in the hemp plant, has properties very similar to THC, D8 and D9.

The Pen HHC is particularly useful for feeling the effects of HHC in just a few seconds, and thus to enjoy the High side of this legal molecule. Of course, we do not recommend inhaling HHC for medical purposes. Only a doctor would be qualified to guide and advise you on this matter.

The Pen HHC, for example as mentioned above, can help you in your fight against smoking. Unlike nicotine, HHC does not cause addiction and unlike THC found in traditional cannabis, HHC is not illegal. One of the other major advantages of the Pen HHC is its discreet format, they are only a few centimeters long and allow for the discreet consumption of HHC. While more and more e-cigarettes are opting for larger formats that are increasingly heavy and clutter up pockets and handbags, the Pen HHC is light and will not bother you during your daily or nightly travels.


How to choose your HHC cartridge

Please note that there are two types of vapes: disposables or throwaways as the name suggests for single use, and rechargeable Pens. By simply replacing the empty HHC cartridge, the job is done.

Of course, you can use it as many times as you like, you just need to plug in the battery using the USB port to charge it and screw in a new cartridge containing HHC when the old one is empty. One cartridge is equivalent to an average of 300 puffs.

You can find on our shop 3 cartridges enriched with 90% HHC with powerful flavors thanks to our natural cannabis terpenes such as Amnesia, Gelato and Mango Kush. Our cartridges contain 1ml of HHC extract (90% HHC, 5% natural terpenes).

Before choosing the best HHC Pen for you, it is therefore appropriate to estimate your average HHC consumption, and then select the flavors that you find most appealing !


How to use HHC batteries and cartridges ?

The use of the Pen and the duration of the HHC cartridges depend on your consumption. Our advice is to take a puff of HHC on your Pen, wait a few seconds before exhaling the smoke, and repeat this action 3 to 4 times and more if needed..

The rechargeable HHC Pens available on our site do not require any specific settings. Once the cartridge is screwed in, press the button 5 times to turn it on and five times to turn it off, also press the button when you are about to take your puffs so that the resistance heats the HHC extract just enough.

The batteries

The batteries are supplied with a suitable USB charger, allowing you to power your vape from any type of electrical source, such as a domestic power socket, a computer, or even the cigarette lighter of a vehicle. Moreover, they are easy to use and charge quickly.

The cartridges

Once the cartridge is screwed in, you just need to press the button five times to turn the vape on or off. In order for the resistance to heat the HHC extract sufficiently, it is also necessary to press the button at the moment you want to vape.

In what cases should HHC E-liquid be consumed ?

It is possible to consume HHC liquid for various reasons and in different circumstances. Indeed, it has several benefits that can be advantageous in certain cases, here are some examples:

  • Coming back from work
  • To reduce problems related to anxiety
  • For psychological soothing
  • In order to achieve deep and restorative sleep
  • To alleviate a pain

The Pods: a convenient format

The pods correspond to small electronic cigarettes. which are light, easy to use, and convenient to carry. It is an excellent tool for beginners who want to discover HHC at a low cost through vaping. Some liquids associated with pods can reduce sensations such as discomfort, choking, or coughing, without having to decrease the nicotine level, which is useful for a smoker who wants to quit tobacco use.

What is a Puff HHC ?

The HHC puff has a lot in common with a classic vape. Indeed, this one corresponds to a small disposable electronic cigarette which is easy to carry and use. With this object, it is possible to consume HHC liquid at any time of the day.

The objectives of its creation are multiple. In addition to being manageable and financially affordable, the HHC puffs allow you to enjoy additional tastes and flavors, which are sometimes difficult to find under normal circumstances. To be legal, the puffs must meet certain conditions, such as not containing more than 0.2mg of THC and nicotine by vape.

What is the average cost of HHC E-liquid consumption ?

A vape Pen HHC battery costs on average 20€. This is easy to carry and fits any HHC cartridge. Several flavors are available in cartridges. You just have to screw the cartridges onto the battery in order to vape and discover the benefits of the product. The cartridges cost on average 40€.

For an average consumption of 2 cartridges per month, this therefore amounts to €80 / month.

How to choose your HHC Vape Pen ?

Depending on the consumption

We recommend choosing based on your consumption habits. Indeed, if you vape a lot, you will need to check the tank size chosen when making your purchase, buying a larger tank if you vape significantly.

Moreover, the more you vape, the more likely you are to wear out the battery quickly, so you need to pay attention to the quality and lifespan of the battery you choose when making your purchase.

Depending on his budget

Of course, in addition to your consumption mode, you need to choose your HHC vape pen based on your budget. If you vape often, you will need to plan for a higher budget so that your vape is powerful enough to support your high frequency of vaping.

Depending on the style

Your tastes will also be essential in choosing the vape that you are going to buy. Indeed, there are a multitude of choices for purchasing an HHC vape pen, which is why your tastes in terms of style, shapes and colors will guide you in your choice.

Have your E-liquid delivered anywhere in France !

No matter where you live in France, we are able to deliver your order to you. The price of delivery will vary depending on the delivery times you choose.

Our usage precautions for HHC liquid:

Avoid side effects:

In order to avoid side effects, we recommend to do not consume too much HHC liquid over a short period of time. Indeed, the more you vape, the more you will feel the effects of HHC, which, in high doses, can cause unpleasant side effects.

In order to acclimate yourself as well as your body, we therefore recommend testing a new liquid gently before consuming it every day.

Test the product:

To ensure that the taste suits you, we advise you to test the product that attracts you in advance. Either by tasting the one that one of your acquaintances uses, or by buying it in small quantity. If it suits you, you can then buy it in larger quantities later.

Customer Service: How to best maintain your Pen ?

A regular cleaning:

We recommend maintaining your Pen with each change of resistance. In order to remove the small dust particles that could potentially have slipped into the chimney or inside the tank. The tank of your Pen is very often made of stainless steel and silicone seals for waterproofing.

It is recommended to dry it using a paper towel and especially avoid cotton swabs that can leave cotton threads in the chimney of your Pen.

Put the pen in a case !

To limit the risk of breaking your Pen, we advise you tobuy a case specially designed to store it. This case is designed to protect and safely transport your Pen.