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HHC Oil 10%

Regular price 39.90 -40% Price 23.94
The HHC 10% oil from a sure way to have a good time! With its pipette tip, the HHC 1000 mg oil of hexahydrocannabinol is...

HHC Oil 20%

Regular price 69.90 -40% Price 41.94
Our 20% HHC oil and its powerful effects So many milligrams of HHC in such a small bottle? Yes, we offer on oil dosed at 2000 mg of...

HHC Oil 5%

Regular price 29.90 -40% Price 17.94
Are you new to HHC? Start with the ideal product, our 5% HHC Oil   Do you want to try HHC cannabis gently, but you don't know which...

Huiles HHC